cast this love spell, you are going to need to bake some bread. It should not be difficult even for someone who has never baked anything before. Spread 1/2 glass of flour over the table. Put four white magical candles in the corners of the table and light them one by one clockwise. Tear seven healthy hairs out of your head and chop them with scissors spreading them over the flour.

While chopping your hairs, say,

Im sowing the seeds of my love. You (the targets name) will love me (your name) very much, very faithfully, and all your life.

Remember this spell as you are going to need it later.

Now add a fistful of sugar (if the spell is cast on a woman) or salt (if the spell is cast on a man) to the flour. Then add some water and start kneading your dough. Keep kneading until it is soft and not sticky. Shape it as a ring (if the spell is cast on a man) or a French bread (is the spell is cast on a woman). Bake it at 180C until it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Allow it to cool and break into seven equal pieces. You have to see your beloved every day for the next seven days. When you do, throw some bread crumbs on the ground while standing next to the target, whispering the spell. Do it every day for seven days, each time using a new piece of bread.

Perform the ritual properly and the target will fall in love with you..


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