this video could be considered “controversial” but I encourage you to test all things. I read that there are actual witches infiltrating the body of Believers with the sole purpose of creating division. I also want people to be aware that witchcraft does not have to look obvious. It can be manifested by manipulating spiritual forces to get OUR will done. Or it can be through twisting scripture to get money..also a form of manipulation. This video details a very strange experience that led to this subject, as well as how God defines witchcraft in the Bible. Watch and discuss. I have a full text version of this subject on my at
It is more comprehensive. The Bible says to test all things, so if I am wrong on anything, please let me know. I also encourage you to watch the witchcraft series by tictoc ministries. Very thorough. and fotm1’s video, “Withcraft in the church, oh yeah, lots..


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