White Magick

White Magic Live & Direct at YouTube

White Magic sound was formed in late 2008 and come from an estate called Blackbirdleys in the city of Oxford in the UK.? White Magic specialise in reggae and dancehall music. White Magic have played in events all over the UK and also in italy, new York USA, and many times in jamaica.? White Magic are active and is a up and coming sound in the UK.

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to our YouTube music has been a ‘major’ passion in my life and just wanted to share some of my favourite music with you, it is also nice to be able to promote reggae music and also promote established and also upcoming artists also share foundation sound system to the world. Please and share for Best Reggae Music Videos respect in every aspect.

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King Tubbys vs Platinum – Exclusive Dub Fi Dub Live & Direct at YouTube “.


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