Types of “WITCHCRAFT” and What Happens to People Who Practice it.
– “On the TYPES of WITCHCRAFT & What Will Befall those who Practice it.” Calling on demonic spirits for assistance to problems is not permitted by God. Christians are not to turn to God’s enemy for help but only to God-Christ.
Witchcraft is divided into several categories – Foretune-telling, Spell-casting, Curses, Astrology, Divination, enchantments, Spiritism, Tea-leaf and Coffee readings, etc. The consequences of the sins of Witchcraft.
Elder Cleopas of Romania explains and makes referrences to The Holy Bible and teaching of the Saints and Holy Fathers of the Christian Elder Cleopa – On the Types of Witchcraft, Mystagogy Elder Cleopa – commons Icons the Harrowing of Hell commons images Orthodox Christian confession – commons Temptation of Saint Anthony commons William Blake paintings – Book of Job – – Images Public St. Peter the Athonite, Satan angel of light – Mystagogy, (Image public Witch of Endor, King Saul calling of the soul of Samuel – – Images public domain (Thumbnail image – Witch of Endor by Nikolai Ge, Music – Youtube Audio Library
“Ambient Ambulance” Thumbnail image – Witches coven orgy at Witches sabbath franz-xaver-simm-walpurgisnacht, commons.


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