Visit SherclopPones’ and watch all the Friendship is Witchcraft used to fight dragons
And go on adventures
I used to think my life was so-so

But now I see that being queen
isn’t half as fun as trigonometry
High school is the place I’m meant to be

I can’t wait to sit inside a classroom
I can’t wait to run around a gym
I can’t wait to wake up at 6:30

Pony princess good
High school great

I used to use magic
And fly with my horse wings
I used to shoot lasers from my face

I used to cast spells
Now I practice spelling
My actions in this world are a lot more compelling
I wanna buy some dolls that look like me
And DVDs

I can’t wait to do a lot of homework
I can’t wait to take the SATs
I can’t wait to disappoint my parents

Pony princess good
High school great

And though I miss my friends…
It’s sad but then again…
I can always make new.


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