White Magick

As metaphysical black magicians, we terrify four groups:
– Religious fanatics (they “curse” us)
– Materialist atheists (they call us “frauds”)
– White magicians (they call us “evil”)
– Butthurt trolls (they call us “gay”)

The Left Hand Path gives rise to Godhood! Let the haters hate, and the trolls trollwe will always Ascend, to death and beyond!

Learn The Secrets Of Godlike Power:

Become A Living God introduction to performing magick
Works of E.A. Koetting
All 7 of my cult classic grimoires
Divination: Omniscience
Rituals to awaken clairvoyance
Evocation: Omnipotence
Learn to evoke spirits to physical appearance
Soul Travel: Omnipresence
Rise on the planes to experience Godhood
Desk: Power,


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