Herbal Magick

The Ultimate Witches Starter Kit can be found at under Money Saving Magickal Bundles and contains the following

Book of Shadows
Witches Herb Cupboard
Small Altar Table
Blue Altar Cloth
4″ Cauldron
3″ Altar Tile
Smudge Kit
Mortar & Pestle
Brass Screen Incense Burner
4 Essential Resins
Roll of Charcoal Tabs
Witches Bible
Magickal Inks- Dove’s Blood and Bat’s Blood
Quill or feather Pen
Parchment Paper
Wand Poster
Votive candles Representing Four Elements and Spirit
One Black and One White Taper
2 Brass Candlesticks
2 Small Altar Bowls
Small Silver Plated Chalice
Small Silver Altar Bell
Pentagram Athame
1 oz Black Salt
Lucky Hand Root
Wolf’s Eye

No animals were harmed in the making of these products!

Due to stock, vary..


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