Herbal Magick

Join me in for the #30DaysofWitchyBeauty challenge! It’s mainly an challenge, but I’m also going to be uploading a video to go along with every prompt every day in (Also, there is going to be a giveaway at the end, so stay tuned.)

Here are the prompts:
1. Beauty Witch Introduction
2. Friday Night OOTD
3. Makeup Collection
4. Favorite Face Mask
5. Magickal Monday Motivation
6. Strong Lip OOTD
7. Everyday Beauty Ritual
8. Favorite Bath Bomb
9. Morning Ritual
10. Saturday Night LOTD
11. Black Sabbath OOTD
12. Favorite Essential Oil
13. Transformation Time
14. What’s in My Makeup Bag
15. Favorite Witchy Brand
16. Fantasy LOTD
17. Day Magick OOTD
18. Favorite Herb
19. Magick of Makeup Tip
20. Tarot Card OOTD
21. Everyday Makeup Look
22. Favorite Nail Polish Color
23. Date Night OOTD
24. Night Ritual
25. Positivity Beauty Ritual
26. Favorite Moisturizer
27. Working Witch OOTD
28. Witchy Woman Inspo
29. Refreshing Beauty Ritual
30. Bare-face LOTD

Also, if you join the Beauty Witch Coven, you’ll be able to watch my videos before they’re public on YouTube AND I’ll give you a prompt reminder for the day!


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