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MAGICK SPELLS 101: Cleansing Away Bad Luck & Negative Energy

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Negative spiritual conditions, such as bad luck, can be caused by a number of factors. These include de facto curses sent against you by an enemy working destructive magick, your own psychic debris (which we all accumulate sometimes), and the negative intentions of others.

The burning of herbs and the use of holy water is found in many different magickal traditions around the world. Fire is known to release energy. Just as plants have medical properties to them, so it is widely believed that they also have occult properties. The burning of herbs releases the cleansing virtue in smoke. Thus, you can smoke someone or yourself to drive away impurities. Holy water does not necessarily mean holy water from a church. Holy water as a concept actually predates Christianity and is found in a number of cultures. At its most basic, you can add some sea salt to some water and bless the water via prayer. Water is known for its receptive qualities, which stores energy. Thus, the water can be infused with cleansing herbs and also your own intent or beneficent blessings of the divine.

The egg cleansing is pretty popular in Hoodoo practice. The egg simply acts as a receptacle. The egg is rubbed down the body, and the occultist focuses his or her “intent” on gently pulling all negative energies into the egg. Once it has absorbed all the negative energy, it can be broken at a tree to absorb that negativity or otherwise discarded at a crossroads. Some people like to break the egg in a glass of water to divine for signs into the essential cause or source of the problems or illness.

Lastly, spiritual baths are THE MAIN METHOD for curse removal in Hoodoo tradition. cleansing herbs, such as hyssop, rue, agrimony, etc are heated in a pot of water and allowed to steep. This creates a sort of tea. A bath is run, and the water is simply used in the bath. Wash down your body while focusing on all bad luck and negative energy leaving you. We usually recite Psalms, such as Psalm 37.

IMPORTANT: When using herbs (especially for the bath!), make sure that the herbs are not toxic and also that you are not allergic. This is important, because some herbs can be deadly


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