White Magick

Hello, it’s me again and the spell I am doing in this video is to gain focus. Things you will need are:

A White Candle
Vanilla Extract
A Magnifying Glass
Pencil and Paper
Other tools are a needle to inscribe with and a lighter

Tips: When anointing the candle, don’t work your way into the wick because it will we the wick and you can’t light the candle.

Draw an eye on the candle. Places a few drops of vanilla extract on top of the candle. Pay attention to the aroma it gives off and breathe in deeply. Light the candle and say:

Quite, mind, now be still,.
Focus on what I know will.
No scattering or thought dissension-
I order you to pay attention.

Hold the magnifying glass in front of your third eye on the candle, then bring it up to your Third Eye and say:

Bring clear focus to details
Enlarge and bring them into scale
Attend each project one by one
Grant clarity ’til work is done

Make a to-do list in order of priority and place it in front of the candle. Put the magnifying glass on top of the list. Then carry the glass with you and get started on the list.

Blessed be!


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