The Mind’s Eye is joined Jean-Louis de Biasi – writer, speaker, and Hermetic philosopher. He has been initiated into the highest degrees of several Western initiatic traditions, is a 32 Scottish Rite as well as a specialist on Masonic Rituals and Esoteric De Biasi is the on several international books on topics such as divinities, and varying Western teachings.

We converse about his upcoming book release Rediscover the Magick of the Gods and Goddesses: Revealing the Mysteries of Theurgy. The philosophical roots of much of Wicca and Paganism, as well as Western ceremonial magick, come from ancient Egypt. Jean Louis shares the history, evolution, and practices of the Western Mystery Tradition — the theurgic tradition. You’ll find out how-to instructions for discovering the presence of the divine in the world and achieve higher levels of.


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