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Here’s the for Xendrius youtube channel, please sub, watch and share, thnx ! OF DEMONS VOL. 9 – Yif is Back – REVEAL THIS – Parting Coffee & Mocking Moses

“Toast your bread with the fires of hell.”

The Asian Criss Angel is back with loads of new demon magic “tricks”. In his videos from 2012-2013 he performed “tricks” where he compared himself to Jesus when he turned water into wine, and in his most recent videos he’s comparing himself to Moses, trying to make his atheist skeptic viewers think that Jesus and Moses are just normal people who “mastered” “magic” without the help of external supernatural forces.

Most of his viewers actually think that he has supernatural powers. Only a few believe he’s a full 100% CGI Fake. Again, if you think what he does this is “fake” go reproduce it naturally.


A brand new series that will disprove the idea of all “magic” being “fake”. The previous videos showed bad examples which COULD be fake, in this series, I will try to show the best examples I have found while showing that they are done with the help of demons, not some secret technology. I will try to make it all make sense at the end, and how this is tied in with the Illuminati. Episode 5-6 show that demons are partnering with these magicians and artists. Episode 7 is just some outtakes.

MAGICK OF DEMONS VOL. 8 – (Yif, Penn & Teller, Mystifier) How to become a “Magician”

This is the most informative episode by far, explains many questions and sets a lot of ignorant “skeptic” assumptions straight.

The ending “magic trick” by Penn & Teller shows proof once again that no invisible threads are used to move objects. (If anyone thinks that, grab any kind of thread, (visible) and move the ball like that from start to finish.

Pay close attention to how the ball moves, and apply common sense and physics. You will never be able to move a ball like that with any form of thin thread or hidden mechanism.

-Shows clips form:
Neofytos – Mystifier
Penn & Teller – Fool Us

Footage respectfully borrowed under fair use.

For the “skeptics” – pay close attention to what is said in the video.

The conclusion is simple – some magicians get help from demon spirits in their magic performances.

Some people ask for more evidence, here it is, they admit that they do the supernatural with the help of spirits, demon spirits.

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