White Magick

MAGICK 102 Continuing the Fundamentals
Part 9 of 9

Hosted by the Theosophical Society in Maryland; Baltimore-based writer, artist and ceremonial magician Robert Randle continues his lecture series as he leads participants on a conceptual journey “down” the Tree of Life. Learn some of the basic concepts of magickal theory and practice, and how you can apply those principles to your own life and begin performing your own magick today!

Topics cover (and correlate) such concepts as Qabbalah, the Five Elements, the Planets and Zodiac, the Chakras, the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA), the Unconscious Mind, the Seven Hermetic Principles, the real difference between Black and White Magick, and much more.

For more information please visit the speakers at Theosophical Society in Xaviers Mind &.


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