White Magick

Do not use the information in this video in any dark fashion. Never practice black magick. FTR, there are far better, faster and more powerful methods than this too, and I have them at my beck and call, but I’m dead-set against even breathing a word of it on Youtube. So I advise you to lay off. It won’t work. Any of these energy tools I have at hand can repel most any negativity aimed at me and here’s the real kicker, KARMA, it returns THREE-FOLD. So this is a DOUBLE warning to you if you plan on doing me any harm. My intention is good: to help the few subs I have, so there’s NO REASON to want to harm me in any way. If you screw up, sorry in advance. Please be careful what you do and that’s all I can say other than again, I’m not responsible for any negative outcomes. The information works and it works great and worked great for me when followed to the ‘t’. Any deviation can cause harm.

My aim is to stimulate dharma and repel anything that promotes karma (DOHHH)

Couple more points, make your request reasonable. And don’t ask for it, just chant the word/phrase of what you want once. Also, watch out for what you wish for. Even many large lotto winners will be the first to tell you this. Seriously.


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