Herbal Magick

Welcome to HealingGuidanceTarot. Im Shawah and its wonderful to have the universe allow us to meet! I Have No Judgement On Your Situation Only Love.
My History
For years as a Degreed Counselor and Human Services worker I began to see the true cause of pain in so many others. Since 1998.
I work with my heart energy, and learned as a child kindness and attention to energy was important. Im a natural born healer and empath; Trained Shamanic Practitioner, and Priestess.
How I Work To Help
I choose to use my abilities and consultations to bring clarity to the blocks, and energetic patterns in your life affecting your journey.
Why Psychics Not Have Helped Before
Its often that we are trying to clear an issue or non useful pattern in our highest self; yet dont understand how to manifest the needed actions. This is where I tap in and allow higher guidance, readings, and wisdom lead…
Highest light and blessings to You!
For Emergencys FOR READINGS AND PRODUCTS* ALL COMPLETED IN 1-3 Feathers and Sacred Smudge Incense and Moon Infused Healing and Non Gmo Moon Infused Readings and Petitions Ceremonies Moon Charged Magickal Enchanted Goddess.


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