White Magick

Unlike every other spell caster, witch or warlock I DO NOT STATE MY SPELLS ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY, that is the last thing they are. Regards – Shozola Dorastar

The Nine Night Rite Lucifer Love Spell spell will attract the and make you very appealing to them. The moment this spell is cast upon you the seeds of seduction will cast you into a different light, also it will give you pleasures and will create the love situation you are seeking, it ensures the one you love is completely under your spell. This spell will solve your troubles permanently, these spells are BINDING, which means your love is guaranteed to last forever. A witch or magician will recommend binding if you want permanent results. Fate will be rewritten and the outcome you are after will be Lucifer Money Spell, those who seek money, wealth, material things. You will never know poverty again. The dark energies CUT through all blockages and barriers to manifest your money as soon as possible. This spell will bring you money, full stop, end of story Black Pullet Spell this spell is cast upon you it will bring you wisdom, intelligence, learning, common sense and understanding in your life and in other peoples Of Darkness Spell I cast this spell for a client, I carry a special stone called an ‘Ematille’ for 24 hours as the spirits raised during this spell do everything they can to scare and fill the magician with terror and prevent this spell from being cast. Once I have passed their test, I am to cast the Prince Of Darkness Spell. This spell will compel, bind and overwhelm any situation and problem you have, the spirits know what your problems are and as soon as this spell is cast they will fix your situation quickly and permanently, this spell cannot be neutralised, hence you must be certain you want your request granting as there is no going Demon Of Lust Spell spell is not to be used as a game, it is for those who wish to have one or more persons lusting over them, in otherwords whoever you want you will get. If your lovers doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘passion’ this spell will serve you well. Or, alternatively if you like the idea of numerous members of the falling in lust with you, you cannot go wrong with this Rite Of Lucifer Fallen Angel Spell Black Magick Spell calls forth the very powers of Lucifer to your aid. Once this spell is cast upon you Lucifer will become your spirit guide. You will be able to call upon him to assit you and guide you. This is a life changing spell and a permanent one.. You will have a totally different outlook on life and a new prospective on how you view life and other people. Your confidence will rise to a whole new level. Once you experience this Black Magick Spell your life will never be the same again. (Please note that due to the power and popularity of this spell, the cost for me to cast it will be USD considering the time and preperation it takes to preform.


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