Gong – Magick Brother (It has also been listed as Magick Brother, Mystic Sister)

Released: 1970
Country: France
Genre: Progressive rock, Psychedelic rock, Canterbury scene
Label: BYG Actuel/Charly Records
Producer: Jean Georgakarakos/Jean-Luc Young


Side one (Early Morning)

1. Mystic Sister
2. Magick Brother
3. Glad To Sad To Say
4. Rational Anthem
5. Chainstore Chant
6. Pretty Miss Titty
7. Fredfish” (listed on LP label but not LP cover)
8. Hope You Feel OK

Side two (Late Night)

1. Ego
2. Gong Song
3. Princess Dreaming
4. 5 & 20 Schoolgirls
5. Produced by Jean Georgakarakos & Jean-Luc Young.


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