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FiW is made by Sherclop Pones: them on Patreon: new channel: old channel: information:

Almost all episodes on its creator’s channel are availabe only as redirections to videos on their official I decided to find a way to return this series back on youtube, the way is won’t be blocked worldwide.
I did NOT make any of these videos. I just posted them here to make them available for watching.

I had to zoom-in (crop) some scenes to prevent it from being blocked by youtube.
But I left all scenes I could original uncropped. Also, all scenes with subtitles are original, too.
So, the watching experience won’t be affected too much.

Also, these videos can be used for making blind on them, because they won’t be blocked by youtube.

“y Littl Pny” is owned by Hsbro and the ub,
“L: Frindship is Mgic” is created by Luren Fust..


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