Hello Moon Babies! This week we’ll be discussing Magickal uses for EFT (Emotional Technique/ Tapping as a form of psychological We’ll chat about what EFT is, my experience with EFT and how we can turn it sideways and ass-up for Magickal pursuits. (Because that’s what we do!) To conclude, we’ll do a round of tapping together–because you are a goddamn UNICORN! 🙂 XOXO

*Individual EFT coaches will use a variety of points. What I have demonstrated here is a “micro tap” of sorts for ease of filming.*

Do you have experiences with tapping? How do you use it? Would you ever use it? Do you have ideas on how to tweak it? Let’s talk! Thank you for watching, friends.

This week on the The Power of Yates: School of Living Arts: @herspeak.


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