‘Magick Rites’ is the brilliant debut by Polish stonerdoom band Dopelord released by Can’t Tell You Records in 2012.
This album is 1 of my 2 personal favorite albums of 2012 (the other being Ufomammut’s ‘Oro-Opus Alter’)

01 The Pentagram… 0.00
02 Ghost Cargo From The Bong 05.55
03 Lucifer’s Son 13.31
04 Unihorn 21.47
05 Possessed 27.39
06 Magick Holocaust 33.34
07 Rise! Undying! 39.52

the album is only on merch do not own the music or images. All rights go to their respective owners. If any party involved with the band has any problems with this upload please send me a message and I shall delete this….


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