A video summarizing the strengths(?) of the Magick Archer in Bitterblack Isle Post-Daimon.


Death: 0:00
Gazer: 1:06
Treasure Chests: 2:03
Miscellaneous: 2:16
Dark Bishop: 2:29
Living Armor: 3:39
Elder Ogre: 4:18
Swingin’ Around: 4:58
Garm: 5:21
Two Condemned Gorecyclops: 6:04
Firedrake and Frostwyrm: 8:04
Cursed Dragon: 9:56
Three Eliminators: 10:37
Pawn Mule: 10:59
Awakened Daimon: 11:31

Note: The steam version of the game being played can be found mod is being used to alter the visuals which can be found the “pre-set” settings for this mod are.


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