White Magick

D.I.Y. WHITE Candle Money Spell Part 2. This Spell is designed to meet your Existing Needs!

This spell helps bring money to meet existing needs.
You need to be precise as to how much money you need, and for what reason you want it for.
At the start of your day, print, type, or typeset with your computer, how much money you need,
and what you want it for. Draw a line around that statement.
Example: I need to pay the bills Or: I want to buy a new or used car.
Fold the paper in half, and in half again, and carry it with you during the day, for at least 12 hours.
Reread the paper, several times, during the day.
Preferably at night, go into your bedroom, or ritual room, and light a new white candle.
Open the paper you have been carrying, and reread the message that you wrote, one more time.
Chant these words 3X:
From beyond this candle light,
The powers that rule over money come,
To bring to me this needed sum,
Aided by the Universe,
Because I burn this sacred flame…
Tear up the paper, and discard it in a Repeat, each night, for seven days,
or until the money comes. This spell is very powerful, and effective, when you correctly
follow the instructions. If it is meant to be, you will get your money.
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