White Magick

D.I.Y. GREEN Candle Money Magick Spell Part 1. This Spell is designed to Draw Money To You!

This spell helps Draw Money To You..
Take your green candle and rub oil onto your candle. Rub the candle up towards you.
On a piece of paper put 3 signs, write “Money come to Me”
So mote it is and So mote it be and sign or print your name. Inscribe your green candle and place candle on top of the paper. Visualize money coming to you.
Light candle, Rub your hands together and visualize some more, than place your hands around the candle without actually touching the candle. This helps to put your intention into the candle.

Bring me money 3 times 3.
Bring Money to me, prosperity,
money to me prosperity, money to me, prosperity,
Bring me money 3 times 3.
No Harm to None,
My will has been spoken, sent to the Universe So Mote It Be.
Put your hands around the candle without touching it or without burning yourself and visualize again the money coming to you. Now, burn the piece of paper that’s under the candle Thank the Universe for the money that you just willed into your life!
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