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What is the Left Hand Path?

– Is it evil?
– Is it chaos?
– Is it hedonism?

No, it actually is none of those inherently, although our critics mistakenly accuse us of such.

Black magick is the philosophy of rational self-interest, also known as, the pursuit of happiness. In this sense, the Left Hand Path is a way of life.

The innate simplicity of this surprise you.

As an ideology, black magick comprises a set of first principles, which derive from the of magick itself, namely:

1. Individualitythe sorcerer needs to exist to perform magick
2. sorcerer needs to be unrestricted to perform magick
3. Powerthe sorcerer needs strength to perform magick

The ambition to maximize these three essential principles constitutes the central ethic of black magick, what we call, Ascent.

What is Ascent?

Ascent is the Journey to Godhood.

What is Godhood?

Godhood is a grandiose term for the condition of maximum individuality, and power. Refer to religious mythology for a theoretical example. A god exists as an individual who possesses the and power to know everything, do anything, and be anywhere. A god possesses omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, what we call the Three Godlike Powers.

In the context of black magick, we attain these powers through the praxeology of:

1. Divination: Omniscience
2. Evocation: Omnipotence
3. Soul travel: Omnipresence

For this reason, we titled our project, Become A Living God. Because from inception, we dedicated ourselves to the supreme aspiration of the Left Hand Path.

So we clarified the first ethic of black magick, called Ascent. There exists one other ethic, called Adversarialism, known in the mainstream as, Satanism.

What is Satanism? In Hebrew, the word Satan means adversary. In the context of religion, the word adversary signifies the antagonist figure, any character of mythology who defies and rebels against the protagonist, the tyrannical creator deity.

So to answer succinctly, Satanism is adversarialism, and adversarialism is rebellion against tyranny. To give it the most concise definition possible, Satanism is self-defense.

A Satanist says, “I am the of myself, and I revolt against any entity that claims over me.” For this reason, many Satanists are anarchists and atheists, like me. They denounce any claim that a state, religion, or deity can control them.

The most cliched and predictable slander against the Left Hand Path is that black magicians are sociopathic terrorists who want to sacrifice babies, skin cats, and enslave humanity.

Psychopathyruthless aggression and violence against innocent peopleexplicitly violates the first principles of individuality, and power.

Thus, anyone who commits terrorism is a psychopath, not a rational magician of the Left Hand Path.

To summarize, black magick is the philosophy of rational self-interest. It consists of three principles: individuality, and power. The first ethic of the Left Hand Path is to maximize these principles to Ascend to Godhood. A god possesses omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, so the praxeology of black magick is divination, evocation, and soul travel. The second ethic of black magick, is Satanism, in order to defend against any entity whom tries to impose over the black magician.

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