Chaos Magick

Basic intro to Chaos Magic for CMG (Chaos magic group) new here: for further Magic playlist: good starting place:
Phil Hine
Prime Chaos, 1993. ISBN 1-56184-137-4
Condensed Chaos, 1995. ISBN 1-56184-117-X
The Pseudonomicon 1996. ISBN 1-56184-195-1
Peter Carroll
Liber Null (1978) and Psychonaut (1982) in one volume in 1987) ISBN 0-87728-639-6
Liber Kaos (1992) ISBN 0-87728-742-2
PsyberMagick: Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magick (1995) ISBN 1-56184-092-0
Robert Anton Wilson
Grant Morrison
Alan Moore
Austin Osman Spare
Donald Tyson
William S. Burroughs
Genesis Breyer P. Orridge
Ray Sherwin
Dave Lee
Yukio Mishima
George Bernard Grant Liber Phil Hine.


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