White Magick

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This (Whispering Witch) Heart to Heart Video Channel presents an artistic, relaxing & unique style. PLEASE THUMBS UP, & SHARE!

My video subjects tend to be about my spiritual and energy healing work, psychotherapy, psychology, magickal philosophy, beauty tips, manifesting, gratitude, healing & the occasional vlog.

My goal is to allow my viewers to have a sense of connection with me as a person. Informal but informative; just me hanging out & chatting with you in the magickal womderland which is my bedroom. ASMR Soft Speaking/Whispering style evokes a deeper connection for a more intimate and personal vibe (headphones recommended).

Pertinent you would like to know more about me, Academy Online Energy Healing & Spiritual Development courses, please for a copy of the Info Pack (which also includes the syllabus & Student Guide

I would love to be able to dedicate enough time to my channel to record nightly Heart to Hearts. It isn’t possible for me to commit the time without financial support unfortunately. So if you would like to see more and see these videos continue, you can pledge your donation and support my channel at support and donations gratefully received. Regular patrons can also receive rewards.


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