White Magick

Episode 4 of AGAINST EVERYONE with CONNER HABIB features Conner Habib in conversation with Gordon White!

Please support the show. You get audio of every ep, access to Conner’s book club, extra episodes, and more! Go White is an (Chaos Protocols, Pieces of 8, Star.Ships), chaos magician, and the host of the wildly popular magic and occult podcast, Rune Soup.

In this episode we talk about:

A world of magic vs the world of power: 3:35
Why youre a big fantasy-projector: 4:15
The horror of immortality: 6:30
Why suicide, nuclear obliteration, and climate change are too easy: 7:50
Goodbye, science. Welcome to the Era of Witchcraft : 12:05
Gilles Deleuze as the occult culmination of postmodernism: 15:10
Materialism is almost the definition of white people nonsense: 18:30
Jacques Derrida, occultist: 22:50
The question of evil: 27:30
…and how to fight it: 34:15
The black magician of Germany and her conversion: 36:15
The Fall and its reasons: 39:55
Why progress often looks evil: 42:45
The Gordon White Path and the Conner Habib path: 46:20
Christianity as the way culture experiences itself: 54:40
Meeting your spiritual integrity: 1:08:00
It is Satanic. It is a seizure of Divine power and your power.: 1:14:00
Leaving power behind: 1:20:50

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