Satan’s agents?
Does Divination work?
In this melee let us recall that:
Ancient Black African Ancestors Were the first to Elucidate the Perception of a Creator Spirit, now commonly known as God…
**They also defined human beings as Bantu. Single Muntu, Munhu In simple terms a Spirit Container

The Truth is that You using The Divine Spark resident in Your Flesh, Bones and blood is the reason divination work. You have the will and power to decide how powerful it is. You can also decide not to use it. Thus, Christianity has suggested that it is devilish!
That is right it does not matter what method of divination you use, all it comes down to is your ability to trust yourself

Since the Bible and the religions of Christianity and Judaism DOMINATES black people on earth it is very critical and real that we study a vital faculty of African Spirituality. Witching….When you consider the Spiritual hierarchy in The Nation of Israel they had Diviners and Witch to the contrary…
We see the devouring of the harutummims staffs by Aarons staff of God (Exod 4:20)Oral History concedes that African from ancient times were capable of reading the needs in individuals and societal live. They also sourced working corrections to All problems. All Problems. How? They were able to find the source of the problems.why then does The Torah, Christian Bible and others ABHOR this way?
Could there be an Ulterior motive?
They teach us to never use divination Yet they secretly practice it ..?.


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