This week’s topic: I wanted to define to avoid any confusion about what Im asking as the terminology be completely alien to you.]
Are your rituals done in self magick, energy/elemental magick, or deity magick? Or a mixture of 2 or all 3? Do you dabble in each separately now and then? Did you even know about self magick?
I ask that last question, because I come from an atheistic Satanic Pagan background, and self magick is a term Ive only seen Satanists Athiests] talk about, but not from anyone Purely Pagan/Wiccan/ect. There are many Satanists Atheistic Satanists] that come from a Pagan background (or are a mix), yet still the term self magick has yet to really reach the Pagan community from what Ive seen. Yet it appears, at least in some cases, that Pagans use self magick, they just werent aware of the term.
To Define what Im talking about:
Self Magick comes in two forms- One, you are only using the energy from yourself in ritual with an extreme emotional charge. All the magick, all the energy, is coming from you. Nothing else. For example, this might be someone who doesnt believe they can actually control the elements because, lets face it, you cant snap your fingers and poof theres a levitating ball of flame. But they FEEL their own energy, they feel its movement and flow so thats what they use.
Two, actually has nothing to do with magick at all. For these people Ritual is just a psychodramatic experience, a form of venting. For most it is a mental contract. Its an emotional outburst to drill into memory to do something you want, like keeping a goal, or getting TO that goal. A strong symbolic reminding event you did to look back on as a promise to yourself to fulfill that contract/spell whenever you find yourself straying from it. Its so powerful, so mind altering, that you CANT forget it. But no “magick” is “magick” not even be believed in for this case.
Energy Magick is also two/ehh three things:
One, the energy in all things. Can also be the energy of the Universe.
Two, energy purely from the elements.
Three, most use both obviously. Most would blanket it under both because everything that IS pretty much is a part of an element, or built from it.
Deity Magick: Self explanatory, energy from deities.
For an example of how one would ritual differently:
Element of Water, come into my circle!
This is someone who is calling forth the actual energy of water.
Come forth empathy and compassion of the rolling tide.
This is someone that could be calling energy of water, but could also just be calling forth the aspects of water they wish to bring into themselves. The words revolving around water is just flowery language used to help them into a psychodramatic experience much like the Shamans of old (but without the drugs). They are forcing themselves to open up the empathy and compassion within themselves, water has nothing to do with it or the ritual, its just a character/personification.
But do people actually do this with deities as well? Ive seen many of you say that there are Pagans who use Gods and Goddesses in their worship, invoking upon them during ritual, yet they dont actually believe in the deities and Im wondering if these people are doing Self rituals, in which they are just using the aspects of a deity they want to bring out in themselves. Like compassion, and mercy. Or willpower and courage. Ect. I’d love to hear your touch on this?

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