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–“are there any good places to look for the science behind the practices of paganism. i mean that are there any studies in the different techniques as to which work better under what circumstances, matching to the elemental type of the person. or how the different energies interact? better visualisation ideas for better use of energy, or for healing. maby there is a name for that sort of thing, i have great interest in comparing my findings with other ideas.”
–“also curious if you have ever heard of anything with spirit guides sharing their energy with you. by that i mean my spirit guide jumped into me and felt unique merging of energy. have spent years on this one, sorry to double Magick of Thought: A Scientist Explores Science and Magick Magick & The Science of Magick – Concerning Druids Science & Magick cached copies (you can see the but you have to access the cached Video: “Quantifying and Qualifying results from Magick. Supernatural also thinking about adding a entry showing an example of what recording a working might look like, showing what kind of things I record. Would that be helpful?




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